The company MV METAL PROFI is a reliable and professional partner for the production of tools and components for the automotive industry. The company is distinguished by the high standard of quality of products and services and for many years the company has been focusing on the German automotive industry.

The strategy of the company is based on close cooperation with business partners to develop their products. We develop cutting-edge projects and offer integrated professional support in finding new technical solutions, from the idea to development and final solution. All in one place.

Why Choose Us?

Because we are a family-owned company that is aware of the importance of the highly qualified employees who represent the foundations of the company and who we constantly invest in. We strive for progress and modernization of hardware and software. With a stable technological development we are able to produce products of the highest standard and provide high quality services.

Focusing on the individual needs and wishes of our business partners and building tight long-term relations is an important building block of the company. Due to our excellent knowledge of foreign languages we are able to communicate smoothly with our partners.