The MV METAL PROFI PACKAGING equipment is used at food industry enterprises in Europe and CIS countries.

The MV METAL PROFI PACKAGING solutions for dairy industry and filling of the beverages are the most popular at the market.


The MV METAL PROFI PACKAGING company designs and manufactures packaging equipment, filling and dosing systems for different types of products, automatic machines for PET containers production and also complex lines for filling and packaging of the product.


The MV METAL PROFI PACKAGING company provides engineering services, installation of the equipment, warranty and afterwarranty maintenance,customer’s staff education, supply of spare parts and consumables and also upgrade of the existing equipment.


MV METAL PROFI PACKAGING company works at the markets of West and East Europe, Russia and CIS countries. In 2017 for Russian and India customers there was opened a representative office and authorized service and support departments in Moscow and Mombai.


The head office and production facility of the The head office and production facility of the MV METAL PROFI PACKAGING company are situated in Kragujevac in central Serbia, it is the region with historically developed metalworking industry.


The MV METAL PROFI PACKAGING lines are complex solutions for filling of liquid and viscous food products into plastic or glass containers.

The lines allow to automatize the process of filling and packaging of the product in full starting from the bottle blowing or container removal from the pallet till group packaging and palletizing.

Due to the wide range of produced automatic machines and engineering solutions the MV METAL PROFI PACKAGING lines allow to solve plenty of tasks connected with the automatization of the filling process of the product into the bottle.



The MV METAL PROFI company designs and manufactures the complex solutions for filling of wide variety of liquid and viscous food products into plastic or lamister package and product transfer into the cardboard tray.

The lines consist of the MV METAL PROFI linear automatic packaging machine (filling of the product, capping and transfer onto the conveyer), the Spider cardboard trays former and the Pick&Place module intended for packages transfer onto the ready cardboard tray.

Basic configuration

Allows to pack viscous food products into cups of standard format:

Containers- cups with the diameter 75 or 95 mm and volume of 0,125-0,5 liter

volumetric piston dosing

welding with sealing lid

connection system to CIP-washing

Touch-Screen control

PLC-controller, possibility of remote control

Hygienic solutions: Clean, Ultra Clean (read more)

Date application with ink printer



The automatic machines of MV METAL PROFI MV-Compack series are intended for packaging of liquid and viscous food products into polypropylene, polystyrene cups or lamister package.

The automatic machines have linear configuration with the capacity till 12 000 packages per hour in both vesion

1. Volumetric dosing system

2. Fluometric dosing system

The lines work fully in automatic mode and are intended for dosing and packaging of the wide range of food products into the package of 0,125-1,0 liter volume with further welding of the sealing lid or film.

The equipment could be also produced for two components products, products with inclusions and for packaging into plastic buckets with volume 1,0-3,0 liters.

Additional options

For full accordance with the Customer tasks the Multistep is completed with the set of additional options:

  • Solutions for irregular package (plastic buckets, containers, «tubs »), also the possibility to work with several formats
  • Welding with film from the reel
  • Press in cap
  • Filling of 2-components products
  • Filling of products with insertions
  • Application of additional transparent lid
  • Completing with Pick&Place module for cups transfer into cardboard trays



For flling UF retentate or recombined cheese milk mixed with rennet into cups under ultra clean conditions.

Company MV METAL PROFI PACKAGING producing for whiite cheese plants worldwide clients in Europe, Asia, USA and Africa.

Our expertise covers not only the filling lines but also the process and recipes for the production of white cheese, whether based upon an Ultra Filtration (UF) process or recombination of powder milk.

The plastic cups are placed in the cup magazines from where they are dispensed onto the filling conveyor, which will move them stepwise under the slip spray station, the filling station, under the antifoam spray and into the pushover station at the inlet of the coagulation conveyor. The coagulation time depends on the type of cheese to be produced but is normally from 20 to 30 minutes.

Cup flling station with drip free nozzles

Mixing modul

Technical Specification

Capacity: Up to 6,000 cups/hour

Maximum cup dimension: 160 x 120 mm

Pneumatic requirement: Minimum 6 bar

Electrical consumption: App. 12 kW

Materials: Stainless steel / ionized aluminium

CE certificate / EU Norm


Cup dispenser with UV-C cup sterilization

Filling unit

Coagulation tunnel for 20 min.

Membrane dispenser with UV-C sterilization

Dry salt dispenser

Sealable foil dispenser with UV-C sterilization

Heat sealing

Cover lid dispenser

Cover lid press on unit



Mixing module for rennet, anti-stick and anti-foam preparation

Brine dosing for GDL type white cheese and acidified cheese

Cup buffer – 20 min. Brochure dispenser

Cover lid buffer – 20 min.

Extension of coagulation tunnel up to 30 min.

Cutting of the cheese in the cups into cubes or slices

MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) by inert gas injection into the


Layered filling

Automatic carton/tray packing

At the end of the coagulation conveyor the cups will be moved row by row to the transfer conveyor leading to the inlet of the Rot-O-Min packing machine. In the packing machine, the cups with the now coagulated cheese will be moved to the following stations:

Membrane dispenser, where a sterilized membrane is placed on top of the coagulated cheese. Dry salting unit, dosing an adjustable quantity of fine salt on the foil. Lid dispenser, dispensing a sterilized plastic-foil on the cup and point welding it in order to keep it in

position during the move to the heat sealing station. Heat sealing, for complete sealing of the lid-material. Date coder, for ink coding on top of the lid-material. Cover lid dispenser (optional) for applying a snap-on lid on top of the plastic-foil lid. Lift and transfer station,

moving the cups to the discharge conveyor. Discharge conveyor transporting the cups to the packing area.

Add-on features

A series of optional equipment can be added to the MV METAL PROFI filling machines for white cheese depending on the hygienic level and which products the machine should handle.

The features which can be added to this machine includes a wide range of options ex. buffers for the cups and snap on lids for 20 minutes buffer time, UV-C treatment or Pulsed Light sterilization of cups, UV-C treatment of sealable lids, Primoreels foils on reels solution, HEPA sterile air filter cabinet, Vision check for correct placement of foils and many other features.